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Become a Board Member

Community Homeless Solutions (CHS) is a very active advocate and creative problem solving organization around issues of homelessness and compassionate restoration of normality to those we serve.  We are one of the largest homeless housing agencies in Monterey County and house over 220 men, women and children every night in our shelters and transitional housing. The programs require significant community engagement and support, and Board members are selected because of their desire to advocate for the causes and mission of the organization.  CHS continuously seeks to find the best talent at both a staff and Board level to meet the growing challenges and increasing need for homeless solutions, especially around housing and support services to help individuals and families get through the crisis of homelessness and on to productive, wholesome living.


The Board of Directors is a group of hands-on, passionate and skilled group of individuals seeking to provide housing, case management and job skills training to those we serve.  For individuals interested in giving of their time, talent and treasure, we encourage you to contact Community Homeless Solutions and inquire about possible service on the Board.  Specific skills that are vital to our core business include finances, legal, housing and land management expertise, counseling, fundraising and non-profit management. 

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