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Work together to help domestic violence victims this International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day is approaching, on the 8th of March. It will be a day to celebrate women and all that they have done for this world. It will also be a day when we renew our commitment to continue working to make the world a fairer and better place for women, and to create a society where women are given the respect and rights that every human deserves. As we celebrate all the accomplishments by women who managed to achieve their dreams, despite the patriarchy, let’s not forget the victims that are yet to be helped. Women make up the majority of domestic violence victims and we have to provide them with the help they need.

Domestic violence isn’t just a person, it is a system.

Domestic violence itself happens purely due to the agency of the abuser. However, domestic violence continues to go on not just because of the abuser but also because of our society. Many women stay in abusive relationships in which they are mercilessly beaten. People, who ask why the women don’t just leave the relationship, do not understand the immense pressure these women are under.

Due to the way our society is structured, men are the ones with the power in traditional relationships. The man earns, the woman stays at home to look after the children. This works out well for many people, but there are many victims as well, because if the husband is abusive, the women are not left with much of a response. In developed countries like ours, women still have a fighting chance. In other count

ries, things are much bleaker.

Things are worse in the third world.

Imagine societies in which women aren’t even allowed to pursue higher education or a career, because form birth they are reared to be housewives. If such a woman is married off to an abusive man, she often doesn’t have anyone to turn to. If she leaves the husband, then who is going to take care of her children? She wasn’t allowed to pursue education or a career, so she doesn’t have any experience or the education required for jobs. Her own family has told her she is the responsibility of her husband now. Who can help these people? The answer is simple – we can. We will come together on International Women’s Day and vow not just to denounce domestic violence, but also tear down the systems that allow it to persist.

Many women who are homeless in our countries are women who survived such ordeals. They had nowhere to go but they knew that being homeless was better than being beaten every night. This is why we need places like Community Homeless Solutions. Most of the homeless aren’t just poor – they have mental health issues, are victims of some sort of abuse, or are running away from a bad situation. We need to provide them shelter in their time of need. That is why it is important for us to remember all the women that still need our help, this International Women’s Day.

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