"Helping people transition to a better tomorrow"
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Every day more than 1,300 homeless people in Salinas need the support of generous people like you.

Source: Applied Survey Research. (2017). Monterey County Homeless Census & Survey.

Bring hope and relief to those in need.
Give Dignity. Give Hope.
With a $20 donation you can make a difference.
The Salinas Warming Shelter is operated and managed by Community Homeless Solutions, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.
Bed Nights Provided

in 2018

Over 20% of HOMELESS individuals in Salinas received shelter at the Salinas Warming Shelter in 2018
Unduplicated Guests

in 2018

Homelessness is usually the result of a number of factors,  not just a single cause.
How will your donation help those in need?

Your financial donation will help our shelter in providing better community and in-shelter resources to our Guests.

  • Group outings to local parks for lectures to help and motivate those in need.

  • Purchase computers to provide a learning lab for employment skills.

  • Replace existing kitchens items, such as pots, pans and plates.

  • Finance the construction of a storage shed for items taking up room in the shelter. 

These are a few of the solutions your donation will enable us to give to those in need.

Guest Testimonial

My name is Ashley Williams, I have been attending the shelter on a daily basis for about four months now. Before, I was staying here, I was either in the streets; a place not meant for habitation. A friend’s car or home that had no power, heat or water. During that time frame, I was 6 months pregnant and now I’m a couple days far along from my due date. Still, they are extending their arms welcoming both my daughter and I up until I am able to find housing for us. Also, an employee here, assisted me with help to be imputed on the CARS (Coordinated Assessment and Referral System) which is a housing tool that determines one's vulnerability for housing. To be completely honest, If I never stepped in this shelter I’d still be in the streets, couch surfing still not trying to figure out which route I’m heading to or what to even do with myself. The personnel here keep me on my feet, they always ask me questions regarding the next step I’m taking into helping myself and so on.

About the Salinas Warming Shelter

The Salinas Winter Warming Shelter provides overnight housing to 70 women, men, and families at a facility in downtown Salinas.  Shelter staff provide information and referral services to guests to enable them to access benefits, social services, and housing.  Staff also work with families to procure housing vouchers which can enable them to move into stable housing. Faith-based organizations and Victory Mission collaborate with the shelter to provide nightly hot meals. The churches and others also provide support to our guests such as helping the children with homework and engaging them in arts and crafts.


The shelter was intended to operate solely during the 2017-18 winter months but was extended to October 31 to accommodate increased demand. The summer months have seen a large upsurge in the number of families attending the shelter which has housed as many as 18 families and 30 children in one night.

The Salinas Warming Shelter is operated and managed by Community Homeless Solutions, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What kind of donations does the shelter accept?

The shelter is always in need of sleeping bags, toiletries, cleaning supplies, socks blanket and towels. 


2.   What type of services does the shelter provide?

The shelter provides nightly shelter, hot dinners, sleeping accommodations, rest rooms, and supportive services to help clients access benefits, services, and housing. 


3.   Are the rooms co-ed?

No.  Families sleep in their own rooms in an area for families.  Women share rooms with women, as do men, and women’s rooms are located away from the rooms for men. 


4.  How does the shelter impact participants and the community?

The shelter meets the most basic needs of life: housing and food.  But perhaps more importantly, the shelter provides a “human connection” that helps meet the emotional needs we all have as people.  One staff person stated she “could never have imagined the profound impact the guests would have on her.  The sincere generosity and love that I have experienced has been transformative.”  She went on to share that she “would never have dreamed that some of them would care for me as well and would extend such kindness towards me.”  Countless clients have expressed their immeasurable gratitude for the refuge, food, and support provided.   And some have shared that the children have called the shelter their “home,” adding that the shelter and staff make them feel like a big family.”  The shelter typically enables clients to continue their journey through life and supports others in making positive change.  The impact to the community, including our staff, is more beneficial than most can imagine. 

Hours, Location, Contact Person

  • Office Hours:  Nightly, 4:30 pm to 8:00 am

  • Location: 111 W. Alisal Street, Salinas, CA 

  • Shelter Manager:  Jesse Armenta

  • Office Phone: (831) 384.3388

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