Community Homeless Solutions

Helping people transition to a better tomorrow - Since 1978 Community Homeless Solutions is Monterey County's largest provider of housing and resources for people experiencing homelessness and victims of domestic violence.


Temporary and permanent housing for women, men and families in transition. Respite care and seasonal warming shelter.


Providing two safe and secure emergency shelters for women and children of domestic violence abuse in Monterey County.


Case management, counseling, employment assistance, food pantry, transportation, clothes closet, day center, referral and social services.

Are you in transition? Learn more about how we can help.

You can make a difference in the lives of children, women, and men by donating today. Your donation will help provide shelter and services to some of the County’s most vulnerable residents:  persons fleeing domestic violence and the homeless. In addition, your donation is tax deductible.

Community Homeless Solutions Operates Seven Programs in Monterey and San Benito Counties.


We offer volunteer experiences that allow community residents to use their skills and talents for helping our clients with transitioning to a better tomorrow. 


Your financial contribution or item donations make a difference… it can mean the difference between healing and recovery or a life of regret, sadness and emotional suffering.


You can “adopt” a specific program, a family or an individual by donating resources on a regular basis to underwrite the costs.

In 2018 Community Homeless Solutions offered over 110,000 bed nights to homeless persons and those fleeing domestic violence in Monterey County.

“I came with nothing but a bag of fears, sadness, brokenness & a lot of visual injuries. The Domestic Violence Shelters of Community Homeless Solutions put my bag aside and took care of me. They provided me with food, clothes & shelter. Meals were cooked & brought to my room while I healed. To the staff that cooked & cleaned for me and always asked if I needed anything or if I was ok, I wish nothing but God’s love to you because you made my needs your job.

 I will never forget the shelter staff and everything they did for me in my time of need.”

"The Home Resource Center has helped me with a place to sleep, shower, meals and staff support.  If not for the shelter, I would be sleeping in my car out on the streets. We have a computer to use to look for work and a place to live.  Community Homeless Solutions helped me get a job through the Community Beautification Project and now I am an on call staff at the shelter. I look back at what I didn’t have and what I have now, and realize I am employed, saving money for a place to live and a better relationship with my family. Thank you"


Your support will help provide shelter and services to some of the County’s most vulnerable residents.

Community Homeless Solutions has collected stories from survivors who have given their permission to share them here. We exercise caution so as not to expose a survivor’s full name and/or location if their abusive partner remains a threat. Calls, information request and clients are always confidential.




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