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"In their own words" Home Resource Center Client (1:30)


Every day more than 500 homeless people in San Benito County need emergency shelter



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in 2018


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in 2018

The H.O.M.E. Resource Center opened its doors on December 1, 2017.  This is the first year-round shelter operating in San Benito County and serves up to 50 adults each night. The shelter has two large dorm rooms to separately house men and women, a total of 35 guests. It has a large reception area with storage and office space, and a very large living area where meals are prepared and served with a TV  for guests to watch. The kitchen and laundry room was completed in the Spring 2019. Two large bathrooms with multiple showers are available for shelter guests.

The shelter is open 24 x 7, and is located at 1161 San Felipe Road in Hollister. Shelter staff provide nightly pick-ups and morning drop-offs at four  locations in the city. Guests receive hot dinners each night, provided by different church and community groups, as well as a continental breakfast and sack lunch. Guests are assigned a bed for the duration of their stay and given a locker to store their personal and hygiene items. Guests also receive a variety of supportive services that include case management, alcohol/drug counseling and treatment services, referral services, and assistance with applying for social service benefits.

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Over 40% of HOMELESS individuals in Hollister received shelter at HOME Resource Center in 2018.



"The Home Resource Center has helped me with a place to sleep, shower, meals and staff support.  If not for the shelter, I would be sleeping in my car out on the streets. We have a computer to use to look for work and a place to live.  Community Homeless Solutions helped me get a job through the Community Beautification Project and now I am an on call staff at the shelter. I look back at what I didn’t have and what I have now, and realize I am employed, saving money for a place to live and a better relationship with my family. Thank you"

Community Homeless Solutions has collected stories from survivors who have given their permission to share them here. We exercise caution so as not to expose a survivor’s full name and/or location if their abusive partner remains a threat. Calls, information request and clients are always confidential.

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