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New Beginnings is a Housing First Permanent Supportive Housing program located in Marina, CA in two cul-de-sacs of housing that include 37 units, 31 of which are 2-bedroom units & 6 are 3-bedroom units. New Beginnings Permanent Supportive Housing program provides housing to families who are homeless & have a disability. Applicants ideally must have a Housing Choice Voucher or an Emergency Housing Voucher and/or are on the pathway to receiving a voucher through the Housing Authority.

Community Homeless Solutions, as part of its homeless housing and shelter services, operates its Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) program in Marina, CA.  While in the program, clients are encouraged to participate in supportive services, including case management services, assistance connecting with other agency support, and financial planning and budgeting assistance.

Community Homeless Solution's PSH units include 37 housing units, 31 of which are 2-bedroom units and 6

3-bedroom units. 14 units of townhomes are designated as HEAP units which are processed through HMIS/CARS.

Our PSH program is an essential service provided by Community Homeless Solutions and will continue to be an important resource to our community.

CHS provides a number of services to its housing guests as well as partners with multiple agencies that team up with CHS to maximize the success of families in our PSH program.


  • Case Management

  • Referral & Linkage to Additional Services

  • Financial Planning and Budgeting Assistance

  • Advocacy

  • Mental Health and Behavioral Services

  • Employment Development


  • Meet the criteria of being homeless per the HUD definition and qualifications.

  • The head of household must have a qualifying "disability" 

  • Housing Choice Voucher required

  • Household must have at least one child under the age of 18 that will be part of the home

  • Criminal records will be assessed for potential "risks" to the family neighborhood, including the exclusion of those with a 290 criminal record

  • Participants agree to provide required income eligibility information and to pay 30% of their qualified income towards rent each month

The housing stock for Community Homeless Solutions on both Wittenmyer and Lexington Court is over thirty years old and requires significant ongoing maintenance. Often times renovations and improvements inside the units after long-term occupancy by tenants are needed in order to turn over the housing for subsequent use. Such renovations can sometimes cost upwards of $25,000 and these costs are typically not recuperable from prior tenants even if the tenant was responsible for damage.


Whether you are a business, organization or individual we welcome your help and contributions to help us in making a difference. 

Your support can have a huge impact on our community and will help our non-profit organization cut costs for needed repairs and renovations. Financial contributions mainly help with covering the cost of labor that must be performed by a licensed contractor and the purchase of materials.


"We came to this program at a time when I ran out of options. We were homeless sleeping in our car for over 2 1/2 years. We reached out to Community Homeless Solutions. Thes kind hearted loving ladies helped me and my family and showed empathy & introduced me to John and others who were kind enough to help us get into this program and housed us. I am so greatful that a program like this exists . Who knows what would become of us if it wasn't for this proram and the people behind it. This program is designed for people who want to help themselves. If it wasn't for this program and the people behind it, I wouldn't have the opportunity to start my ownbusiness "Kingdom Auto Glass". I want to give a big thank you to Community Homeless Solutions for their help and understanding"

- The Whitney Family

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