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Your business is part of our community. Our community is now in need of your support to help women and children suffering from domestic violence and homelessness.

Community Homeless Solutions and our community depends on your charitable contributions that are a crucial part of our funding, and critical in helping us to continue offering safety and support to domestic violence survivors, youth, and homeless in your community.


Please be a part of our mission and support those in need of a voice. We offer various ways your business can contribute to aid those in need with our community.


Your business can be a part of our mission in Monterey County to end Domestic Violence and homelessness by choosing one of the many options to contribute today:

  • Make a one-time financial contribution online.

  • Pledge a monthly recurring subscription.

  • Donate items, products or services for use at our facilities.

  • Donate products or services for fundraisers.

  • Match a donation.

  • Adopt a program.

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