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The Chinatown Navigation Center/Sprung Shelter is an integrated homeless services program located in the heart of Salinas that is a combination of a 24 x 7 shelter for approximately 40 men and women and a shower and restroom facility for others living on the street in the Chinatown area.  Services provided onsite includes case management, daily feeding, shelter housing, and housing navigation assistance to continue to move our sheltered guests toward permanent housing.



Opening Date: Tuesday, March 31 – 4pm

Number of Guests: Up to 16.  All guests are pre-screened for readiness to shelter, interest in housing and generally free from substance abuse.

Services: Shelter beds, meals, showers, restrooms

Screenings: Guests complete a medical questionnaire and are pre-screened for any symptoms

Notes: Shelter in place with very limited in/out privileges



Community Homeless Solutions in partnership with the City of Salinas manages what has been coined the “Navigation Center” in Chinatown, a new shelter location that will house individuals plagued by homelessness. 

Chinatown Navigation Center provides showers and restrooms to Chinatown homeless living on the streets in tents and autos.  This service entitled 40-50 people each day to access services that most people take for granted each day – a warm shower and restrooms instead of curbs. 


It also enabled CHS to get to know its’ guests better and to assess the ideal candidates for the shelter when it opens for those who are committed to employment and moving on to permanent housing as it opens up and is feasible in the future.


The Chinatown Navigation Center/Sprung Shelter is located in Salinas, the center opened in December 2020 & is operated in partnership with the City of Salinas. The Chinatown Navigation Center is a bridge housing program for homeless adults in the Chinatown Community. The Sprung Shelter has the ability to house a total of 50 guests in a dorm-style facility. The five trailers are used to house 15 guests with disabilities & those who are experiencing COVID symptoms while keeping them safe & housed during their illness. 

Guests are provided with three meals daily in collaboration with local churches & non-profit organizations. Guests are provided temporary housing and a locker while participating in the program. Guests have access to the restrooms, showers, hygiene products & laundry facility on site. 


  • Case Management

  • Housing Navigator

  • Advocacy

  • Referral & linkage to additional service groups

  • Daily Meals

  • Transportation to/from housing appointments  

  • Behavioral Health & Substance Use Disorder Services

  • Community Shower & Restroom 

  • Employment Development



  • Must be 18+

  • Able to live in a group setting & follow shelter guidelines & rules

  • Independent in all daily activities

Your support will have a huge impact on our Chinatown residents and will help our non-profit organization by cutting costs for frequently needed items.  

       Frequently Needed Items:

  • Blankets

  • Towels/Big Washcloths

  • Pillows

  • Hygiene Products - soap/deodorant/shampoo/conditioner/lotion/etc.

  • Feminine Hygiene Products

  • Toothbrushes

  • Razors








"I have been attending the shelter on a daily basis for about four months now. Before, I was staying here, I was either in the streets; a place not meant for habitation. A friend’s car or home that had no power, heat or water. During that time frame, I was 6 months pregnant and now I’m a couple days far along from my due date. Still, they are extending their arms welcoming both my daughter and I up until I am able to find housing for us. Also, an employee here, assisted me with help to be imputed on the CARS (Coordinated Assessment and Referral System) which is a housing tool that determines one's vulnerability for housing. To be completely honest, If I never stepped in this shelter I’d still be in the streets, couch surfing still not trying to figure out which route I’m heading to or what to even do with myself. The personnel here keep me on my feet, they always ask me questions regarding the next step I’m taking into helping myself and so on".

— CNC Participant

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