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Taking temperature of woman at homeless shelter during Covid-19

How has the shelter/program provided a safe harbor from COVID-19?

"The Salinas Warming Shelter has provided tremendous support in caring for our safety and health from the pandemic. Staff are vigilant in following the COVID protocols; requiring all clients including staff to sanitize their hands and wear their masks at all times (except in their rooms) Staff is interested in protecting us from this sickness and really cares for us. We appreciate staff support." - F.A.




COVID-19 Shelter in Place Admission, Registration & Facility Guidelines.

People Experiencing Homelessness FAQ - What You Need to Know (COVID-19)


Community Homeless Solutions operates several programs providing shelter and housing to homeless individuals and women and children fleeing domestic violence. In response to the lifestyle changes created by Covid-19, Community Homeless Solutions converted its Salinas and San Benito overnight shelters to 24-hour facilities. Our day-to-day operations have drastically changed and as a result, our shelter staff adhere to strict safety guidelines, procedures and provide educational awareness to all of our guests as noted by the CDC, and participating counties and cities. Our goal is the safety of our guests and our staff.

Covid-19 health and safety wall postings


Taking temperature with thermometer of a man

Temperature Checks

Educational Covid-19 guidelines postings on wall


Covid-19 6-foot apart floor stickers

Social Distancing

Client Testimonial

To the warming shelter,


I am an elderly wheelchair-bound double btk amputee. When suddenly I found myself facing eviction, the Salinas Winter Warming Shelter was recommended to me. I called and they had room. So, at 4 pm in November I headed for the bus stop. Needless to say, the bus blew right by me so I had to wait for the next one. Though I had lived in Salinas for 6 years (45 years in Monterey County) it was the first time I tried to take the Salinas bus. At the bus transfer station I immediately proceeded in the wrong direction. A kindly couple

escorted me to the shelter. It was a godsend, I do not know what I would have done without the shelter.

I fortunately own a wheelchair capable van, and though i don't drive the van has provided me a safe alternative when the Shelter was full. I feel that the shelter is the safest place in Monterey County for a homeless person, especially for one who is older or disabled.


Even when staying in the van the proximity of the disabled parking spaces in the parking lot meant a greater sense of safety.

The shelter staff and management are friendly and capable, and in conjunction with local churches, NGOs and government agencies, provide access to the various programs available for those whose lives have taken a wrong turn,


I am a truly thankful person.

Greg Lukas

Taking temperature of man wearing mask
Social worker taking temperature of man wearing mask
Woman takes temperature of guest


Client Testimonial

"To whom it may concern – The staff are doing a good in enforcing the mask rule. Together we will win the war. Thank you to all the staff. It’s up to all of us to do what we can to help in any and every way.


Client Testimonial

Testimonial One:

"Central Coast Respite Center has provided me safe harbor from COVID-19 by being a clean and regulated facility with a warm bed where I can be concealed from a contaminated outside world."

Testimonial Two:

"Central Coast Respite Center has provided me with a safe harbor from COVID-19. The shelter has done so by employees maintaining the facility well sanitized and by doing a good job of wearing masks and social distancing."


Client Testimonial

"CHS has helped me in many ways so far. Having shelter and consistency has helped with my mental health and my feeling of safety. I have worked with my case manager to stay accountable for my actions and most importantly my plan to change my situation. CHS has assisted with food, clothing and shelter. I have not had a place to take care of my basic needs since February 2020. As a result of being homeless, I had physical and mental setbacks. I was unable to take care of a breast infection that now is being addressed by a medical doctor. I also am able to stay on my meds and make all psych appointments. CHS has also allowed me to have my special needs animal who continues to provide me with a sense of security and purpose. I also have reconnected with my family."

Woman wearing mask smelling flower


View individual shelter program list of items and supplies needed. You can also make a Financial Contribution to assist in the operation of all programs by clicking on the Give Today button below.

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