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CHS is participating in the MCGives Campaign to raise funds for making improvements to our Central Coast Respite Center.  The Center is located in Seaside and provides housing & respite services to recently hospitalized adults experiencing homelessness in Monterey County.


The Project will make needed interior repairs and replace worn furniture to create a comfortable and functional environment meeting the recuperative needs of homeless participants (typically 65-80 yrs. old) following their stays in local hospitals. This will help our patients recuperate and focus on working with staff to secure stable housing.      


Having served our homeless community since 1978, CHS understands how environment and design can promote healing; improve one’s sense of identity, worth and dignity; and uplift attitude, mood, and behavior.


With this understanding, we will use donations to

  • Remodel the kitchen and eating area to improve the environment, functionality, and the communal dining experience

  • Replace old floors to ensure safety

  • Repaint walls using cool, lighter colors to create calmness, expand sense of space, and reduce stress

  • Replace old furniture/beds with new furnishings that are durable and accommodating for larger participants.



The Center’s planned redesign will make the Center feel like home, promote healing, and inspire participants to actively pursue efforts to end their homelessness.             

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The Central Coast Respite Center has been providing respite care and supportive services to homeless adults since 2016.  During this time, the Center served over 150 adults experiencing homelessness and enabled almost two-thirds to move into stable and permanent housing (62%). The Center is located in a 3-bedroom home in Seaside and is operated in partnership with Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, and Natividad Medical Center.

Our Center staff provide participants with access to primary care providers, case management services, preventative care, and temporary housing.  Center staff also help clients access needed benefits and services and secure stable and permanent housing.


CHS attributes the Center’s success to its use of evidence-based best practices and, perhaps more importantly, to program staff who have heart, commitment, and compassion for helping women and men end their homelessness.  The Center’s success in helping 62% of participants secure housing is a tremendous accomplishment, especially given the fact that so many of the Center’s participants are long-term, chronically homeless persons.



MCGives! is a collaboration between MC Weekly, the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, and the Community Foundation for Monterey County to raise funds for nonprofit organizations operating in Monterey County.  Nonprofits selected to participate in MCGives! are encouraged to reach out to the community and their supporters to request donations during the campaign period - November 9 to December 31.  Donations made via the MCGives! website will be matched up to $75K. The amount of the match will depend on the total funds raised by the campaign. 


In its first year (2009), MCGives! raised $417K.  Last year it raised $11.2 million!


“CCRC has truly helped in my recovery from an injury. The staff are so much help, they take extra steps to really make sure the clients are ok. Not only medically. But they took the time to really get to know me and I had the chance to open up to them and that really improved my emotional state. I like how they are always asking how you feel, if I've taken my meds, also with helping me find housing. I truly can write a book about this program but even more about the staff that work here. I have nothing but love and respect for them."


Please help us transform The Central Coast Respite Center into a more functional, healing, and Nurturing environment for our homeless seniors and adults in Monterey County

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NOVEMBER 9, 2023 - DECEMBER 31, 2023

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