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Transitional Housing in Monterey County helps those wanting a better life.



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Community Homeless Solutions operates four transitional housing programs providing 129 beds:

  • Homeward Bound: a 25 two-bedroom units (75 bed capacity) program serves families with children who were previously homeless or victims of domestic violence.

  • Lexington Court: is a program housed in a 6 two-bedroom unit (18 bed capacity) for homeless families comprised of single or dual parents.  

  • Men-in-Transition: MIT now serves single men and single women at an 8 three-bedroom unit complex (24 bed capacity). 

  • Women-in-Transition: WIT serves 12 single homeless women, including victims of domestic violence, at a 6 two-bedroom unit facility at a confidential location. 


Our transitional housing programs are 18-24 months, and provide participants with case management and support services to carry out individualized case plans that are designed to facilitate self-sufficiency and assist participants with transitioning to stable housing.  The WIT program is a 6 month program.

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Homelessness is usually the result of a number of factors,  not just a single cause.



I am currently staying at Natividad Women Shelter for Domestic Violence. I am a victim of domestic violence. Before I arrived here, I was staying in my car with my 6 children, due to my husband abandoning us and beating me and my children and traumatizing them. I was unaware of the abuse he was giving my children until he left us, and the kids told me. After finding out all he did and was doing to them I filed a restraining order against him and took him to court he was arrested and sent to jail for 5 months. Do to all the abuse and trauma he gave me kids and my kids have hard time sleeping and they are all in therapy and counseling.


I needed help and came across the Natividad Shelter. I arrived here on 2/7/19 and have been here ever since. When we first arrived I was welcomed with open arms. The shelter and the Case Manager have helped me and my kids so much. They have provided resources for me and my kids and have helped me also with applying for housing, section 8, welfare, food stamps. She has been there for me the whole way through and the staff has been so supportive and helpful with anything I have needed and any questions I have, she is always there for me. She is also the reason my kids are in therapy right now and why I am finally getting the help I need.


The shelter has been live saving and changing for me and my family. My kids feel safe and so do I and we don’t have to sleep in our car anymore. They helped me with food and clothing for me and my kids when we first arrived, and I am thankful to the case manager and the staff for everything they do for helping me and my kids through all of this.


No words can explain how thankful I am to have found a place like the Natividad Shelter. They have activities for the kids and the mothers every Friday and this brings a piece of normal to me and my family. My kids laugh and have enjoyed the time they have been here regardless of what brought us to the shelter. I want to thank my Case Manager Rosie, and the staff for everything they have done for us and treating us like family.

Community Homeless Solutions has collected stories from survivors who have given their permission to share them here. We exercise caution so as not to expose a survivor’s full name and/or location if their abusive partner remains a threat. Calls, information request and clients are always confidential.




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