"Helping people transition to a better tomorrow"
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Transitional Housing in Monterey County helps those wanting a better life.

Bring hope and relief to those in need.
Give Dignity. Give Hope.
With a $20 donation you can make a difference.
The Transitional Housing Program is operated and managed by Community Homeless Solutions, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.
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Community Homeless Solutions operates the largest Transitional Housing Program in Monterey County
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Homelessness is usually the result of a number of factors,  not just a single cause.
How will your donation help those in need?

Your financial donation will help our shelter in providing better community and in-shelter resources to our Guests.

  • Develop an on-site workforce development training program to provide job search, resume help and interviewing workshop.

  • Purchase computers to provide a learning lab for employment skills.

  • Develop bi-lingual counseling center.

These are a few of the solutions your donation will enable us to give to those in need.

About Transitional Housing Program

Community Homeless Solutions operates four transitional housing programs providing 129 beds:

  • Homeward Bound: a 25 two-bedroom units (75 bed capacity) program serves families with children who were previously homeless or victims of domestic violence.

  • Lexington Court: is a program housed in a 6 two-bedroom unit (18 bed capacity) for homeless families comprised of single or dual parents.  

  • Men-in-Transition: MIT now serves single men and single women at an 8 three-bedroom unit complex (24 bed capacity). 

  • Women-in-Transition: WIT serves 12 single homeless women, including victims of domestic violence, at a 6 two-bedroom unit facility at a confidential location. 


Our transitional housing programs are 18-24 months, and provide participants with case management and support services to carry out individualized case plans that are designed to facilitate self-sufficiency and assist participants with transitioning to stable housing.  The WIT program is a 6 month program.

The Transitional Housing Program is operated and managed by Community Homeless Solutions, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Who is eligible for our transitional housing programs?

Families and adults who are homeless.  (Persons fleeing domestic violence should call our emergency shelters to access immediate housing.)

2.   How do interested persons apply?

Persons interested in applying to homeless housing programs, including our transitional housing programs, must first be assessed by participating agencies (such as Community Homeless Solutions) and entered into C.A.R.S. (Coordinated Assessment & Referral System) which is operated by the Coalition of Homeless Service Providers.  After being entered into C.A.R.S., applicants will be placed on a master list and referred to the appropriate housing program (e.g., Homeward Bound) once a unit becomes available.  Upon receiving a referral from the Coalition, the homeless provider will contact the referral, schedule/conduct an interview, then notify the referral whether s/he has been accepted into the program.  The Program Director should be contacted to apply for our Women-In-Transition program.


3.   How long will I stay?

Participants stay for up to 18 months (except the Women-In-Transition program which is 6 months).  Stays may be extended for up to 24 months where there are exceptional reasons.


4.   What services do the programs offer?

Our Programs provide housing to participants who participate as good tenants (i.e., those who pay all deposits and fees, pay rent on time, maintain their property in good condition, do not disturb other participants, and do not engage in criminal activity on the premises).  Our programs also provide supportive services designed to help participants move into stable housing once their program ends in 18 months. 


5.   How does CCRC impact participants and community?

Our programs provide long-term housing and support that enable homeless participants to save money and move into a permanent and safe housing situation.  Many participants have changed their lives completely as a result of the support and opportunities provided by our programs.

Hours, Location, Contact Person

  • Office Hours:  Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

  • Location: 3089 Wittenmyer Court, Marina, CA 93933

  • Program Director: Sarahi Soto

  • Office Phone: (831) 384 - 3388

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