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As a volunteer you allow us to continue implementation of that mission as we serve those who are victims of domestic violence and homelessness. This work helps improve our community and provides safety for all its members.

About Volunteering

We offer volunteer experiences that allow community residents to use their skills and talents for helping our clients with transitioning to a better tomorrow. 


Our Volunteer Program provides the structure and support that will make the volunteer experience a meaningful one for volunteers, clients, and Community Homeless Solutions.  We seek volunteers who are passionate, independent, and committed to providing effective services.  We also seek volunteers who can make at least a 6 to 12 month commitment.

Volunteer Positions and Opportunities

We offer a volunteer experience where your skills and qualities will be  put to use for the benefit of clients.  We also make effort to place volunteers where their goals and needs can be met. 

Below is a list of positions that are filled by volunteer members of the community:



  • Receptionist

  • Administration support



  • Data entry



  • Planning

  • Coordinating

  • Sponsor/donor solicitation

  • Media communications

  • Greeter

  • Event staff (set up, clean up, server, etc.)



  • Landscaping

  • Painting

  • House cleaning



  • Workshop instructor or developer

Questions or Comments?

Apply online now via our Volunteer Application or download the Volunteer Application in PDF to email, mail, fax or drop off in person.

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