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Permanent Supportive Housing

We need your support to help families transition to a better tomorrow.

Community Homeless Solutions has 38 houses that are used for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH). Our program provides housing to families who are homeless. Applicants must have a Housing Choice Voucher. While in the program, clients can participate in supportive services that include case management services.

Families can move in once the house is renovated and after a permit is issued by the Housing Authority, usually takes about 1-2 weeks to schedule the inspection. Clients may move in the next day.

Program Overview

Our Renovation Program helps both mitigate some of the renovation costs as well as facilitates the opportunities for volunteers from the community.

Before & After Renovation Images

Renovation images of a single family unit at Wittenmyer Court. Estimated cost $20k. Renovations and improvements funding donated by Duke & Terri Yolo.

Get Involved

Whether you are a business, organization or individual we welcome your help and contributions to help us in making a difference. 

Success Story in their Own Words...

“My name is Lara; I came to the warming shelter when I was 8 months pregnant with our daughter back in February 2020. When our daughter was born, she came back to the shelter with me in March of 2020. Then in May 2020 is when I started working with America to get a place out in Marina. June 2020 is when my Fiancé Michael came in to SWS. He got a job there I am so proud of him. Then on December 30, 2020 is when we got a call about our move in to Permanent Supportive Housing. We want to say thank you to all the staff at Community Homeless Solutions who supported us and helped us to apply.”

Family moves into new home

Program Overview

Our Permanent Supportive Housing Program for families is an important service provided by Community Homeless Solutions and will continue to be an important resource to our community going forward. The housing stock for Community Homeless Solutions on both Wittenmyer and Lexington Court is over thirty years old and requires ongoing maintenance. Often times renovations and improvements inside the units after long term occupancy by tenants is needed in order to turnover for use. Such renovations can sometimes cost upwards of $25,000 and these costs are typically not recuperable from prior tenants even if tenant was responsible for the damage.

Our Renovation Program helps both mitigate some of the renovation costs as well as facilitates the opportunities for volunteers from the community that may desire to both contribute towards some of these costs and/or volunteer to help with some of the renovation efforts.

To accommodate this effort, we partner with community members as well as put in place a process that puts in motion the renovation efforts working both with volunteers , donors and general contractors.

Program Overview

Renovation and Improvement Images

This unit is one of many units requiring improvements after previous tenants moved out. Renovations were completed during Summer 2021. A variety of improvements were done to the entryway, kitchen, living areas, bathrooms and bedrooms.

  • Replace all flooring throughout unit: Vinyl flooring at ground level, carpet on stairway, upper landing and bedrooms.

  • Clean & degrease walls, patch and paint throughout, including ceiling, baseboards and wainscoting.

  • Replace all windows and window mini blinds.

  • Also recommend replacing all electrical outlets and light switches.

  • Replace all smoke detectors with dual-smoke/carbon monoxide detection.