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I just got this email from one of the gals who provide food for the Salinas Winter Warming Shelter. This particular group of folks brings their families to help serve. We are truly impacting the lives of not only the clients at the shelter, but also those wh...

Carmella makes decisions based upon what’s in the best interest of her children.
There was a time when she thought that their best interest was served if their father was in their daily lives, and so she stayed with him. Even after having been thrown down the stairs an...

It was a rainy late afternoon in March of 2014 and my family and I became homeless due to the fact that we could no longer afford motel rooms at $60/night. It was also due to my meth dependency. So I ended up on the street with my wife and kids and all our luggage with...

September 19, 2019

I work as part of a team that picks up donations for the homeless from various donation points. These donations come from thrift store, churches or individuals. We deliver these goods to homeless people. One of the service areas is the river bed in Pajaro.

This is where...

Prior to March 2011, I was homeless due to issues living at home with my family. That
March I was arrested, and spent 3 months in county jail, which lead to spending 6 months in
the Genesis House Rehabilitation program. After my 6 months there, I was still unable to

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