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Marty's Journey

Marty was arrested with drug paraphernalia March 2012. A few weeks afterwards he, in his words, “gave himself to the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.” He moved to Utah to get clean and sober but unfortunately it failed. When his case was brought to court five months after his arrest, he came back to California to face it. Marty was ordered to do the Genesis House rehabilitation program for ninety days, so he had to move back to California. Marty had worried that being an addict meant he could not live a good Christian life, but while living at Genesis House, his roommate turned out to be a Christian man. This man started a bible study program there that Marty began to attend. Marty saw this as a sign and continued with the program for the full six months he could stay so that he could stay clean and sober and be a good Christian. He was about to graduate Genesis House after six months, and had the option to move in with his mother, but wanted to be responsible, to live on his own, and wanted the structure of independence. Marty heard of Men In Transition through Genesis House when their Program Director had met with a group of guys at Genesis House to tell them about the program. Marty was interested in the program so he met for an interview with the Program Director, the Community Homeless Solutions’ clinician and the Executive Director. Marty was accepted into the program. He joined the program November 25th, 2013 and has been amazingly successful. Marty has used the program to find full time employment, to manage his finances, his apartment and his life. He now gets to be with his family again and spend time with his daughter. Marty will continue with case management to build up his savings and eventually move into permanent housing.


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