Teen Dating Violence Awareness

February is marked as ‘Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month’ by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. Domestic abuse is a very serious problem but we don’t expect teenagers to go through it. We assume that domestic violence is only a problem for adults. People think that only adult relationships have abuse-related issues. Many people even think that domestic violence doesn’t happen in teen relationships because they don’t live together. The reality is very different. According to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence more than 1.5 million high school students suffer violence. It is domestic violence but its referred to as dating violence, since the couple is not livi

Random Acts of Kindness Day, Vow to Help Domestic Violence Victims

This ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’, vow to help domestic abuse victims Random Acts of Kindness day is happening on February 17th, and it is one of our favorite days to celebrate. We love the fact that people understand the need for not just dedication to a specific cause, but random acts of kindness. While we need to do serious work dismantling oppressive systems and helping people, we also need to create a positive impact through small acts. This day is the perfect reminder that making someone happy doesn’t need time or money – it just needs kindness. It is a day to envision a better society, a day when people treat each other with kindness. Kindness is the perfect approach towards life. Wh

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