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Random Acts of Kindness Day, Vow to Help Domestic Violence Victims

Random Acts of Kindness

This ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’, vow to help domestic abuse victims

Random Acts of Kindness day is happening on February 17th, and it is one of our favorite days to celebrate. We love the fact that people understand the need for not just dedication to a specific cause, but random acts of kindness. While we need to do serious work dismantling oppressive systems and helping people, we also need to create a positive impact through small acts. This day is the perfect reminder that making someone happy doesn’t need time or money – it just needs kindness.

It is a day to envision a better society, a day when people treat each other with kindness. Kindness is the perfect approach towards life. When you are kind to someone, you are not pitying them, not being condescending, and you don’t even have to understand them. Kindness doesn’t mean understanding someone’s point of view or situation; it means treating them kindly regardless of whether you agree with them. It means making days of strangers better through small acts.

Domestic Violence victims need our help...

That is also why the Random Acts of Kindness day is the perfect day to remember how we can help domestic abuse victims. It is important to note that most domestic abuse victims stay with the abuser. Observers wonder why someone who is getting beaten by their partner stays in the relationship. The reason they cannot understand is that they can only see the effects of the physical abuse. When abuse gets physical, it has already been going on for months.

How? Simple. Abuse starts out psychological. Partners don’t just hit their wives/husbands – they begin by wearing them down. Constant criticism about them is normal. The objective is simple – make the victim feel as worthless as possible. They are made to believe that they aren’t worth loving and no one cares for them. They are made to believe that they deserve the domestic violence they face, through prolonged mental abuse. That is why they stay in the relationship.

That is why you can help a domestic abuse victim just by reaching out to them. Want to know how to make the world a better place? Work with a homeless shelter and you will see where kindness is needed. You will see men and women who have nowhere else to go. You can make their day better by reaching out and helping in any way you can. Volunteer, donate, or maybe even just socialize with the people who need it.

Kindness is the answer. A domestic abuse victim believes that they are worthless and that there is no one who can help them. By being kind to them, you can reignite their hopes that there is some good in this world. You can empower them and make them feel loved.

Perform a lot of random acts of kindness, but don’t forget the people who need your kindness either. You can work with Community Homeless Solutions or a similar organization in your locality if you want to make the world a better place.

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