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Thomas Prayer for the Homeless

Hello all,

I just got this email from one of the gals who provide food for the Salinas Winter Warming Shelter. This particular group of folks brings their families to help serve. We are truly impacting the lives of not only the clients at the shelter, but also those who serve them. This touched my heart. Hopefully, it touches yours as well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Email received:

I have to tell you this before my crazy day starts. I got home last night from the Salinas Winter Warming Shelter managed by Community Homeless Solutions and ended up spending an hour talking to Thomas, my oldest, about a kid that has been making fun of him at school. It's been going on for a long time. He was pretty upset, but I think he's got some good tools to deal with it. So at the end of the conversation I said to be sure to include strength and guidance in his nightly prayer. He looked at me, with those blue eyes and said, "Mom....I don't pray for myself. The only prayer I have is for the people at the shelter. That's it. That's all I pray for. Just them."

He truly cares for those people. A 9-year old boy covers them in prayer. Love it. Thanks for everything.



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