How you can support homelessness and domestic violence Prevention in 2018

Is your New Year’s resolution to make the world a better place to live? Do you want to help the homeless and prevent domestic violence? You couldn’t have chosen a better cause and we applaud your commitment as well. If you want to know how you can achieve these objectives we have got the answers for you. The Need for Shelters The most important thing you can do to prevent domestic violence and homelessness in 2018 is support shelters. Shelters provide the one thing that people in both domestic violence and homeless situations need – respite. People who are homeless aren’t homeless by choice. Many of them run away from abusive situations at home. They run away from their families because they

Giving in 2018

The end of the year, the holiday season, is usually when people are most charitable. Multiple drives and fundraising events are organized on a local scale to help the poor. Yet we should not restrict any such activities to just December, like we will this year. Instead we need to keep working on these problems the whole year round. That is why we want our readers to continue giving in 2018 and to continue working to make this world a better place. How can we achieve this? A system that works year-round to make people’s lives better? Here are some steps we can take. Community is the most important thing When it comes to supporting causes the most important thing is not money. No, the most imp

Bullying Awareness

Bullying means using physical or social power to intimidate or hurt another person. Everyone thinks they know what bullying is, yet that isn’t true. Most of us think of bullying as what happens in school – when kids bully other kids. We all have experienced bullying or have seen it happen to someone. In reality bullying is much more than just what happens in school. Bullying happens among adults as well, and it may happen at home or in the workplace. Bullying in different environments Let’s look at some of the forms of bullying so common in our society. Bullying among kids Bullying is common among kids – it may happen in school or after school as well. This is the most visible type of bully

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