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Join Hands Together to Help Victims Of Domestic Violence!

October is the month of liberty from subjugation. Celebration of days such as International Day of Non-Violence, World Mental Health Day and the International Day of the Girl Child, restores our goals and ambitions to bring about a positive change in the world.

These events fuel our drive to make this world a healthy, happy and safe place to live for all, to strive towards equality and prosperity for all, and to bring justice to those who are oppressed, tormented or in-suffering.

As we rejoice in the rights that have been fulfilled through these monumental days, let’s not forget that there are several casualties of domestic violence. These victims have yet to be helped and brought into the world of light, away from darkness.

Domestic Violence - A Decay in the Society

Domestic violence may be the enforcement of an abusive individual but what gives that certain individual the emancipation to practice their mental, verbal and physical tyranny is the fault of the entire society.

You might think that our country is a safe place for all but the statistics reveal otherwise. During 2001-2012, the number of women who were murdered because of aggression and violence by their partners was 11,766. Women are held hostages by their partners out of jealousy or sadism. What starts off as a heated argument results in an act of mental, verbal or physical abuse which has pervasive effects on the victim in the longer-run.

This is worse when there are children involved! According to the statistics, around 5 million children in the US witness domestic violence. More than 40 million American children grow up in a domestically violent household.

Join Hands - Help Make a Difference!

Things are terrible for those who find themselves in these horrible circumstances. But the fact that we have the privilege to help them must not go in vain! Let’s join our hands together to help all those who are victims of domestic violence and bring them home to a healthy and thriving environment.

Domestic violence victims must be immediately rehabilitated to safe grounds. It is important to take immediate action to minimize- if not prevent- the aftermath of domestic violence on the victims in the longer-term.

Victims go through a series of physical, mental and emotional crisis. Some of the short-term physical effects of domestic violence on the victims are bruises, scars and marks. In the longer-term, they tend to experience seizures, anxiety attacks, muscular spasms, acute respiratory dysfunctions, symptoms of infertility, hampered menstrual cycle and sexual impairment.

The victims also experience mental trauma which leads to PTSD (nightmares, blackouts, flashbacks or paranoia) in the short-term. The effects in the longer-run entail constant anxiety, chronic or acute depression, suicidal thoughts or attempts. They begin to feel emotionally unstable which leads to a loss of motivation, inability to trust, hopelessness, faithlessness, low self-esteem and, physical and emotional insecurity.

Community Homeless Solutions is a well-equipped shelter that caters to the needs of domestic violence victims with spontaneous services in Monterey County. The Emergency Shelter program is designed to provide shelter and housing facility to single women, new mothers and children to provide them a safe place to move to, away from a domestically violent household.

As a part of the community, it is our moral duty to help all those we can. By donating to the organization or volunteering for work, you will be bringing a positive change in the world, and giving someone a chance to re-establish their lives.

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